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"Natascha and her team were very dedicated and professional from the first contact until the end of the purchase process. She provided us with updates  on a regular basis and took the initiative to push the process. For us she was always approachable and made it easier for us throughout the entire procedure. We can highly recommend the entire team."

Britta Lorenz & Martin Peters, Berlin
Britta & Martin, Germany - Buyer

"Natascha and her team are refreshingly different - simply the best in their field. They are extremely knowledgeable and offer honest and transparent advice. They are always on hand, are keen and efficient when it comes to getting things done, and they keep you updated throughout the process. Professional and discreet throughout, I recommend Property Specialists Algarve wholeheartedly."

Derek O'Leary, Portugal - Vendor

"Natascha is knowledgeable, well organised and trustworthy. She is the best, most professional and competant estate agent in the Algarve."

Russell and Nikke MacMillan
Russell & Nikki MacMillan, South Africa - Buyer

"Having been 'highly recommended' to me from a chance meeting of a previous client, I can only convey how professional and true to their words Natascha and her staff were. Thank you for looking after my best interests and the swift sale."

Sharon McGuinness, Portugal - Vendor

"Natascha and the Property Specialists Algarve team are discreet, trustworthy and efficient. They are very approachable and keep you informed at all times. I would recommend them."

Pedro Rodrigues, Portugal - Vendor

"Natascha and her team are very well organised. They are friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. They listened to my needs, kept me informed and looked after me throughout. Very professional."

Pierre Servary d'Hossegor

Pierre Servary d'Hossegor, France - Vendor

"We bought two apartments with Natascha from Property Specialists Algarve, one for our own residence and one for investment. We knew exactly what kind of property we wanted and Natasha replied perfectly to our requests. Besides being of excellent advice in property purchase and investment, Natascha has also an excellent network with service providers in Lagos area and all her recommendations were of great help to us: to start with the lawyer (who is certainly the best in town!), with a reliable person to take care of our apartment in our absence, with housekeepers, electrician, maintenance services, etc. We always get a very quick response to our questions and we thank Natasha for her efficiency and her availability. Property Specialists and Natascha do well to carry their name of 'specialists' and do definitively deserve a 5 star rating."

Jacoud Michel, Belgium - Buyer

"Knowledgeable and transparent throughout the process, well organised and really listened to our needs. Went above and beyond. Always with a cheerful and helpful attitude, explained every step clearly and gave good advice and recommendations. Natascha and her team made it fun and stress free. Simply excellent!"

Frances & David Jarvis
Frances & David Jarvis, United Kingdom - Buyer & Vendor

"I can definitely recommend Natascha and her team at Property Specialists Algarve to anyone selling their Algarve property. They are pro-active and professional, plus they only bring genuinely interested buyers to view your property. Everything you want from an estate agent and more, Property Specialists Algarve are the best!"

Joe Newland, Portugal - Vendor

 "After we found attractive properties on the internet, we travelled to the Algarve to have a look for ourselves. We went from village to village, and we visited property after property, until we met Natascha. She listened intently to our ideas, plans and wishes, and then said she knew the right property for us. And right she was. Natascha’s personal touch proved invaluable."

Ruud S, Portugal - Buyer

"Natascha was very transparent looked after us very well. It was excellent, helpful and friendly service. Natascha really took the time and the trouble to ensure that each property we visited met the criteria we were looking for. They really are THE specialists on property in the Algarve, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering buying in the Algarve. Simply the best!"

Mary and Barry Jackson

Mary & Barry Jackson, United Kingdom - Buyer & Vendor

"When searching for a property in Lagos, Natascha was recommended to us by friends. Natascha understood exactly what we were looking for, and on day two we found our house. Much much faster than expected....and we are still very happy with our decision. What we really appreciated was Natascha’s ongoing support during the whole process. We live in Atlanta and could not easily follow up on everything. Natascha supported us with much more than finding the right house, which was a great help. We definitely can recommend her and her team."

Dagmar and Andreas, America - Buyer

"When looking for a house in the Algarve, we knew pretty well what we wanted. Natascha was the only real estate agent who actually listened and understood us and adjusted the search accordingly. Because of this we found our property within one week. Natascha is realistic and personal. I can (and have done to multiple friends) truly recommend her."

Carmen Verheijen, Austria - Buyer

"Quick, quick, quick. That was my experience of using Property Specialists Algarve. I spotted one property online, visited that property, and bought that property in the space of a 4-day visit to Lagos. Yes, Property Specialists Algarve go the extra mile for their clients, like meeting me on a public holiday (thanks Natascha!), and then when the purchase process slowed down (through no fault of theirs), they stepped in and helped me through to successful conclusion and handing over of keys. Natascha's team is dynamic and that comes through in their work with clients. Well done!"

Julie Mitchell, Ireland
Julie Mitchell, Italy - Buyer

"You sold our house, other agents couldn't. You only brought a buyer to the house who wanted that type of property. Good matching. Exceptional attention to detail and listened to our requirements."

Ceara & John Joyce,  Portugal - Buyer & Vendor

"Natascha was well organised, knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. Although we selected a few properties online to view, Natascha suggested we might like something we hadn't seen, and this was the one we bought! She then spent most of the day showing us around the town and giving us various tips and suggestions that would help us settle. Well above and beyond the call of duty. It was also noticeable that a good relationship was being maintained with all her clients even after the sale, which now includes ourselves. "

Sue and Dennis, United Kingdom - Buyer

"Knowledgeable, well organised and efficient. Natascha and her team are discreet and trustworthy, they listened to my needs and kept me informed. I recommend Natascha completely, she was just perfect!"

Helena Marques Pereira, Lagos
Helena Marques Pereira, Portugal - Vendor

"I would highly recommend Natascha to anybody looking to purchase a property. She has many years of experience in the area & is very knowledgeable on the Algarve region. She has been very helpful in finding & helping us purchase our forever home."
Angelo & Rae Kondes, Portugal - Buyer & Vendor

"We had seen many places, many properties and met several estate agents. But when we met Property Specialists Algarve for the first time, it was different. We went to Ponta de Piedade for a tour, we went for a nice cup of coffee at a beach cafe. There, they told us abut different places and important things and especially, listened to our needs and demands. Then we went for a trip to look for properties that met our thinking. After the second viewing of 'our dreamhouse', the team helped us with everything. In January 2018 we will move to Portugal with an NHR status and live our dream. Thanks."
Tommy & Christel, Sweden - Buyer

"Natascha and her efficient team went above and beyond. From initial contact it was clear that we were in experienced hands that would guide us through every part of the process. Knowledgeable, well organised and efficient. I would definitely recommend Property Specialists Algarve and Natascha Hunt."

 Clive Stanley from Dubai

Clive Stanley, Dubai - Buyer

"We found Natascha to be very knowledgeable about the real estate market and made our experience easy, stress free and she helped us every step of the way. We would recommend Natascha and her company wholeheartedly."
Dr. Gert and Zoya Fiedler,  Germany - Buyer & Vendor

"Natascha Hunt understands the real estate business, the market and gives sound, honest advice. I would absolutely recommend her. Professional and well organised."
Sandy Birnie, United Kingdom - Buyer


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